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All I need is a bottle and I don't need no friends Now wallow in my pain, I swallow as I pretend To act like I'm happy when I drink till no end I'm losing all my friends, I'm losing in the end she says Behave little boy, you better sit back down Till you hold your ground It's your turn to fight, you better sit back down Till you hold your ground When I'm sober, life bores me, so I get drunk ag...
Dead president, f*** the president Mansons strive for power while I work to save my residents he owns you even though he never told you mark of the beast on ya hand now he owns you thrown down to the bottom level ruled by the fist and the fist is the devil I medamorphisize and make myself level we are the future we are right now right now I'm taking a stab at the sick, sick, sick I know what e...
I got a problem with the snakes that are crawling Through my area when the darkness has fallen Momma told me that they love to bite They'll stab you in the back, no shame that's right I keep my distance cause they're making me crazy And stealing from me, you know those f***ers are lazy My blood boils fat turns to oil Step the f*** back, or you'll get buried in soil Over drama, or you could sle...
My words are weapons In which I murder you with But please don't get scared please do not turn your head We are the future the 21st century dyslexic, glue-sniffing cybersluts With homicidal minds and handguns We are the insane Nothing will change We are the same Nothing will change CHORUS: There is a thin line between what's good and what is evil I will tiptoe down that line But I will feel un...
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