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Death By Manipulation
Adapting to different surroundings, Changing your views day by day, Too critical of others When you too are at fault. Several sets of opinions Like colours to camouflage yourself. Like a fox sly in your man?uvres, Too soon you'll get caught unawares. Sometimes I feel pity, Sometimes I feel hatred... Sometimes you're my friend, Sometimes you're my enemy. I'll never give you the satisfaction Of ...
So much bitterness In this so-called scene. Self righteous acute; leaders ordf; With their own little dream. Walls of confinement Don't stray too far. Evicted for maturing Whilst they stagnate.
Drawing attention to yourself At anothers expense. Your puritan stance Carries a certain pretence. When an ego is at stake, There's always a point to make. Bigotted and self opinionated There is no give and take. Obsessed with changing the world, Not in changing yourself
On the path to individual freedom, I'm met with countless obstructions. An external vacuum distorts my observance, Sucking me to the rat race. A weakness makes me gullible. Constantly lured to their traps, Dismanting my motivation, Taking my destination to another step back.
Is anger always a positive reaction? Is understanding often subdued by emotion?
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