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Les Retrouvailles
I walked into the street To see myself looking back at me So many eyes It's in the way I walk Just wanna be touched in the right way Like everybody else Like everybody else A secret place in a lover's arms I know a place not far from here ??? secret place In each others' arms And for this cause we will light the fire It's growing groping??? Push it down with one hand The other fanning the flam...
De tes amants bien revenus Dans tes beaux habits neufs Tu devrais bien quand m?me Voir l'entr?e ou alors Tu n'a sans doute rien compris M?me si t'a quand m?me tout d?truit Dans le pavillon nord Que t'avais redout? La grande sortie offerte Que tu m'avais refus?e On allait se le dire Qu'on n'?tait pas bien l? Et aller bien au fond Et revenir encore Sans jamais d?passer La porte et le corridor Du...
Do you recognize me Here on this sleeper train And do you feel the pain Growing into the night, Mary And I can feel the taste Of your third birthday cake Remember how it was To hold you into my arms, Mary It was there The summer lights around I was there His hand upon my knees And we're gone Across this sunny streets And we're gone The day you died, Mary And we go faster now Together throught ...
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