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Hall Of The Mountain Grill
We're children playing in the sun A sense of freedom on the run We never knew what time it was We just knew how sublime it was Our course determined by our stars My momma knows just where we are The Earth was forming from below A dragon showed which way to go Spacing out, we're spacing in Phasing out, we're phasing in Turning up by burning out Lifting off and gazing in Our luck, it changes wit...
Try to understand it, Though it's very hard to see The reason we are living No longer seems to be Revolution's coming The chaos will soon end We've reached the age of learning You'll see it in the end It, it's so easy, It. it's so easy, It, it's so easy, It, it's so easy, To say what you say Do what you want It happened today No matter what they say This world's so mixed up everywhere you go E...
You only get a single chance The rules are very plain The truth is well concealed inside The details of the game You can see it coming You can hear it from afar It's pale and it flickers Like a faded movie star And up there in the castle They're trying to make us scream By sticking thumb tacks in her flesh And canceling the dream Can you find the Valium? Can you bring it soon? Lost Johnny's ou...
The story that I'm telling you Something that you can do Ask yourself and try to find the answer See the signs they're always there But you know you never care You're always looking for another reason Try to reach it's not too far See it as you really are Ask yourself, to try and find the answer Always, always it's the same thing Try it, try it, you just can't win Circles, circles spinning rou...
Sick of politicians Harassment and laws All we do is get screwed up By other people's flaws World turned upside down now Nothing else to do Live in concrete jungles House block seven view And that ain't no joke You could disappear in smoke And that ain't no joke You could disappear in smoke I'm tellin' you that it ain't no joke Think you know the answers We don't tell no lies We can take you a...
Larynx cries no longer heard A chord was struck that chilled the nerve It froze the time that we all lived The roles reversed to downward spin Is life finished or hung within The voices pleading went unheard And shattered membranes of our lives Hung suspended from the hives Where there's harmony the sad voice waned
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