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Love Deluxe
I was so in love with you You rarely see a love that true Wasn't that enough for you? Wasn't that enough for you? I would climb a mountain I wouldn't want to see you fall Rock climb for you And give you a reason for it all You kept on thinking You were the only one Too busy thinking Love is a gun Hit me like a slow bullet Like a slow bullet It took me some time to realize it You kept on thinki...
Mama been laid off Papa been laid off My brother's been laid off For more than two years now Ooh, can't get a job Billy can't get a job Ooh, they gotta listen to the blues Help them to strive Help them to move on Help them to have some future Help them to live long Help them to live life Help them to smile Don't let them stay home and listen to the blues Papa been laid off Mama been laid off B...
I couldn't love you more If time was running out I couldn't love you more Oh, right now baby Oh, right now baby Take me by the hand come on Be my darling, be the one I wouldn't want to lay Or ever love with another If everyone in the world Could give me what I wanted I wouldn't want for more than I have, yeah-e-yeah, yeah I couldn't love you more if I tried Couldn't love you more boy Couldn't ...
Words: sade adu Music: sade adu, paul denman, andrew hale and stuart matthewman Instrumental
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