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Realm Of Chaos
All that remains Of your dying world Lies crumbling, twisted ruins From the ashes - none will return Die Shattered dreams forgotten Body writhes in agony Death bringing release now From futile destiny Through wreckage still burning You look for signs of life Find only rotting bodies Scream in despair for mankind Die Realise it's no illusion Only you remain Smashed and torn reality Now face unb...
"Drowned in Torment" by Bolt Thrower Pray in your dreams that tomorrow won't wake you Plead for the darkness of life to forsake you From death to new life the path that awaits you You can't begin to start to bear the taste, the morning after dark Close your eyes so that you can't see The reality of your tormented agony Drowned in torment your will shall break you The scars of war remains to ha...
Contamination - spreads throughout the world Contagious evil - now that chaos takes its hold Sadistic torture - warps your earthly form Your blood now curdles - now to be reborn You scream in pain - yet no-one hears a sound Plead for redemtion - now by chaos you are bound By chaos you are bound Infectious disease Feel your body rot Your final lament Will soon be forgot Slow painful death Demen...
Humanity prevails, through the eye of terror A twisted reality - mutilated eternally Here now you shall stay to grow in strength return some day To seek revenge on human prey, mutilated as your mind decays Choas god took your soul, your destiny they control Warp your foom with power untold, watch as your life unfolds A warrior of chaos see, ripped apart internally Now face unreality, destroy m...
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