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شباب، أنا أحاول أن اجمعين متابعين لحون على السوشال ميديا
يرجى فولو لحون على الروابط الأتية

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oil remove shred and tear radiation vapor it's the fear so unclear man in motion going nowhere in our homes stuck in the face spread the word to the populace yellow journal yellow journal set the pace feel the rage manifestations of a sort so insidious off the point simple solution never confusion sport a gun kill a cop crazy world of weary thought so receive me had enough lock me up lock me u...
injured plea crushed destiny deep down trauma hounds run to corrode integrity whatever matters and it would they fail to see they make believe reality helpless deaths ignored to be judged as juvenile head caves in growing pains no time remains for fantasy tyrrany exists shrink beneath the ingrown thorns forced to accept pledge allegiance to a flag tested to forget you must resist they want you...
lovers and legions i've seen your whore try not to reason forsaken i'm poor fire nerves and dissension flying at a glare a ginger reaction whisper care a hairpin decision falls against the brain to formulate the anguish and alleviate the pain the silence is warning soul search nothing can't regain reach for air scenes of a cheap thrill summon an old ghost the foremost and sterile suffering one...
withered rope you hang what's empty can't remain to put it simply in time cry the hollow words to sing with false disguise smothered hope fly from sorrow for a new divine tomorrow i just don't want to know anymore life shifts up and down everybody knows it's wrong life shifts up and down everybody knows it's wrong life shifts up and down everybody knows it's wrong why don't you care? Life shif...
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