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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Something wicked your way comes from what I hear can I smell fear in the atmosphere of Music. Tell me what the hell for 'cause we rock hardcore giving you much, much more then you bargained for. Now your locking the door? Im on the prowl we're on the hunt for the weak we're out to seek Pre Chorus Suckers keep running. The same old excuse, the verbal abuse, the riffs misuse so you...
J.Schaffer Don't step into my cipher, unless you can decipher who's the hyper Buddha session budpiper. Talking out the side of your neck bleed me kill my dreams. As I turn the dial in self-denial will they check out the fake smile program direct scan A to Z same ole Yeah No adventure to save to venture ouch. Who's the pimp trying to turn me out PreChorus Who's lifted? Who's really gifted? Is i...
J.Schaffer No shame in my game I bust out of your fame. The weak and the Spineless I love to maim. Pre Chorus He's the bully of the block so start running the path of the wide crooked when he's coming. Poisoned with hate and fear so I don't want to hear. Neglected as a child so I act crazy and wild. Chours This is my world Pigwalk -- Pigwalk You're in my world Pigwalk -- Pigwalk Mad at the wor...
Target sick of the black bullshit crime is prime time check out the news how many times I trust then cuss leave in the end in full discuss point blank give up foot or Im gonna shoot. PreChorus BEG ME STALK ME CON ME BEAT ME ROB ME RAPE ME VIOLATED VIOLATED You can't see - Beaten down for the last time You're not me - Victimized for the last time I have no need - Violated for the last time Chor...
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