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Family Man
Yea????? Nowhere to go?No place to go... I?m real screwed up, my eyes are sore from smoking all that shit? No place to go? Bottomless heart, so big that everything just gets lost in there And if it never comes out,? that?s ok by me.. And on other side, ??? the top there may light at the end of the tunnel ..I just don?t think I?ll be the same? I?m just warning you?I?m warning you cr...
do you want the family man or do you want the swingin' man? family man you get the family man family man FAMILY man with your glances my way, takin no chance on the new day family man,with your life all planned; your little sand castle built, smilin through your guilt, family man here i come here i come family man i come to infect; i come to rape your women; i come to take your children into t...
Hollywood Diary.... He loved her. He chopped off his left arm. The Good One And sent it to her with a box of chocolates. She ate the chocolates and watched T.V. He blew his brains out, picked them up, shoved them back upside his head, made breakfast, ate, and tried again with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm not seen by many.
try and try but i cant seem to pry my mind from the gutter gutter brain pushin FILTHY thoughts dirty hands workin diggin nails let your fingers do the walkin let your fingers do the walkin let your fingers do the walkin let your fingers do the walkin i saw your head noddin from side to side you say your stuck around for just one last ride well youll surely go just as sure as you can whats your...
its 3:29 AM I look out my window at the hot crowded street above I notice i feel cold and alone used up like an old bottle no deposit, no return people live and die in these apartment compartments no deposit, no return dust falls silently why cant i? no deposit, no return
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