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Oh, oh its your boy hot breezy f***ing with polow the dizzy let's go my money rollin, we rollin doin the rock sixty on a highway i don't want it your way, I want it my way nigga thats my way,i hit the highway chorusx2 Nigga get your throw up hoes down, g's up bout to hope in the coop ball it, weed up nigga take out your roof hold up mane, this is my shit turn it up nigga bump my shit oh shit V...
[Tila]: B-Dozeir, Hot Rod; Tila. Oh, my god Verse 1: [[Hot Rod]] I like to f*** everyday, every night. I like to f*** when it's wrong, when it's right. I like to f*** if she black, if she white. I like to f*** if it's loose, if it's tight. Chaka Kahn I met this girl named Tammy, I ploughed her in Mami, the way she want it gettin up on in my studio while she landed the grammy. [Applause]. All m...


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