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i'm behind you sniffin out your trail i can smell you weating while you fail to hypnotize rotten kin hedding from its nake politician, nothing but a fake, lobotomized SO BRING IT TO ME SO I CAN WATCH YOU BLEED until the next time . . . THERE'S NO ONE LEFT TO INFECT WITH YOUR DIEAE . tellin people what they want to hear all your pretty bullhit in their ears you pin and ell give away so you can ...
flying on a midnight plane just to keep away from sanity taking in electric breeze throw away the line to set me free i'm so blind, the pain is all i see trapped inside the veins of memories i'm so blind, time is just a scene left behind a photograph of me NEVERMORE THE RAIN, TO FEEL IT FALLING DOWN ON ME... EVERMORE THE SAME, WHERE YOU LEFT ME HERE TO BE... stole away my halo just to auction ...
take me over, cause you know it's been a while win me over with your devil killing smile and soak my bones in your overtones and tear down my walls till the darkness shows pull me under where the river sings my death light a candle with your holy cigarette come down with me in kerosine and walk through the flames till it burns us clean i scream to breathe. i scream to breathe. so won't you pla...
everything i thought was real every dream, every feeling cold all the ghosts i tried to run from all the storms rusting into me . . . SO TELL ME HOW TO FEEL NOW THAT YOU AREN'T REAL THERE'S NOTHING TO REVEAL i ran on glass, broke my bones so i could find you i cut myself to be around you and when i bled, you disappeared just like you knew i always feared i closed my eyes, and climbed on you so...
i don't know where i should go since you've been gone i search planets just to find where i belong i'm unmending, pretending you can hear me screaming out my song I STILL HANG ON TO YOU. I SING THIS SONG FOR YOU. i felt whispered rain fall on my face today i felt everything begin to slip away my sunrise keep falling rhythms of your voice keep calling inside arenas in my mind i sing for you to ...


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