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The way you move around just like the footballer That you once were until you started kissing girls Or so you tell me anyway, I'm thinking to myself I hate the thought of you with someone else Oh, I love the way, the very thought of you rushes through Flowing out into and warming up my veins I love to sink into the world of you, willing to Take any excuse to have you in my brains Darling, when...
All you've got to be and all that you are not You are melting me although I know That keeping me warm is never enough There is something there and it's softening my mind I can't waste more time, so I put up my blinds 'Cause I'm just a mammal that needs to be stroked With too high pretensions and no warming coats A warm blooded primate with all blood turned cold And a vertebrate column that hur...
I gave my love for free to you I never asked you for anything back You see for me, it was enough Just to see you get lost in your tracks I never thought that you would stay alive in my mind For as long as you did I always thought your beauty would fade And eventually you would disappear But now I'm glad you never had the eyes to see or love me 'Cause I never would have been able to resist Alth...
First thing in the morning, still sleepy I took the directory and started to dial Just as experienced as I wanted to look Though it was my first time You were still lying there in my bed And said it made you feel so bad I said, "Don't worry, what should you do instead Sit next to me holding my hand" What if something really grew in me Some hours that night? How ironically beautiful And still t...


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