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He wakes up cold at half past nine Shakes it off and looks for his shoes Gets to work he's right on time What else could he do? Day goes by, it's off to die Another day another to do Train back home and steps upstairs Lies down with the blues She didn't mean to be so mean She's just got a lot of living to do She can't sit back and watch time fly Waiting for the news There's shots to take and p...
Who needs a nurse? Who called the hearse? Who took the chance? Who wants to dance? Who'll lift the curse? Swim in a lake Get up and shake Turn up the noise Turn off the boys Give us a break Man on the telephone Won't ever let me Man on the telephone say Hey hey you say Spike up the nerve Don't miss the serve Cheat in the game It's all the same Fall of the earth Gather the flock It's not a shoc...
I live my life just to see you Remember what you said, I believed you I'd never danced so fast, I got tired But now we step so slow in the quiet We got love, so I won't let it be I threw my stones to the river Swam to your front door to be delivered Your father showed me in to the fire Your mother said to me she seems tired I live my life just to see you Help me understand what you've been thr...
No telling how this came to be You ending up here when you didn't agree But now that you're gone when people fall wrong You'll be the one who's missing the fun No turning back to what you do You'll float in the air and you'll savor the view And when you get down just look all around It's all or none in what's to come Picture so perfect you'll want to give So lonesome a soul, some reason to liv...
I can tell by the way you walk You wanna be alone with him 'Cause you're pacing at an open door You're waiting and you can't come in Why do you make up all these stories Made up your mind, decided for me I can tell by the way you walk You wanna be alone with him When you called me on the telephone I knew that you were miles away 'Cause the words that you said to me Weren't hiding what you coul...


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