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Montana is beautiful This time of the year What the f*** do I know My eyes are lying again The whiskey is wearing off I'm sobering up Last piss of the night Route 6 I f***ing hate you I'm on a mission.
Paint the windows black Candles burn to death Drop me a line Chlorine in the motor Give me the shot Bullet in the chamber. Feed me glass shoot me up Make me laugh. push it in Alcohol razorblades
I'm a gamblin' man. Every mintue, every second of my life. Walking here's the easy part. Miles from home in my piece of shit car. Look at me, kiss my face. It's all 50/50 and it can only get better from here. Vegas- never-looked- this good. ...Twenty eight days in this steamhouse... Another scumbag suicide I'm wide eyed and snow blind Waiting for the worst of it all to come. Sold my soul here ...
You would look beautiful With wires through your face You would look beautiful With traintracks for teeth I need your love, twistes and sick Broken and burned, I need your love I'm leaving This town To Burn Burn down F*** what I said in the letters I just feel ready to die.
Not today i'm not Said the greasy disgrace of a man You're the biggest f***in' loser in town, f***. Cheapest f***in' h***** in town, f***. I can sell you a coke. But you can't use my telephone. I just want to get out of this place Hell is in Missouri. I've had my fill of coffee pills, Give me another smoke. If you only knew the nightmares i've had While sleeping in your bed. You can f*** your ...
[Black Sabbath cover]
Gifts of silver and coal Cold front moving like a snail Crisp skin, broken legs, quot;she's herequot; You've killed summer, lady luck is a f***ing whore Made in Mississippi , play me your blues old man Tinted red sunglasses are your best friend Stained green sheets are Benedict Arnold, quot;she's herequot; I love those moments , still yet hostile Arctic season, slow yet fierce
Another accident Up on 95 Motor oil blues Zero to sixty cruise You filthy loser, you Sunday driver Why don't you buy me a golden sewer? And paint the walls a pretty color And paint the walls a pretty color You just walk right in Like you still live here Take your shit home Because I don't want it anymore Laughin' at you like a sick joke You never amused me Why don't you pour me a cup of coffee...
Workin the night shift again Got one more hour in me Shouldn't be near these machines, I'm askin' for trouble. Didn't learn my lesson the first time. Body crushin' machine Body crushin' machine Baby i'm in love Baby i'm in love You would look so good with bandages on your face... I'm hurt again I'm hurt again Another cast, sew me up. I'm out, f***ed up again. Send me to the therapist so i can ...


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