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شباب، أنا أحاول أن اجمعين متابعين لحون على السوشال ميديا
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You find yourself Going round and round You wonder, is there a solution? I don?t know Why can?t he see why his life just seems to be circling? Again and again and again and again repeat. Tell me why he feels so guilty? Knowing he should not react this way He won?t admit to why he?s drinking And every helping hand he turns away But if he makes the same mistakes, over and over again Why can?t he...
Simple minded people don?t know what they?re talkin bout They don?t understand they just wanna run their mouth Wont let em bother me I, know just what I?m doing Take that, not gonna make me frown this is payback, Whoa What do you do when all around you there're people always hatin like dirt on the ground they only look down they say you'll never make it, dont let them make you weak just find a...
Journey through the sands of time To a place where freedom lies Should I flee or should I fight I cannot ignore my right A tired soul looks to the clouds Prays to find a way out Painful teardrops fall and hit the ground Nations hiding, children dying Broken families, freedom fighting Masses murdered, mothers crying Why, oh why, oh why, oh why I cry out, I cry out, I cry out Show me a sign Can?...
The stage the lights, I?ve so desired Although I feel inside as if I?m losing it So close but yet I?m, So far away from From what I had before this day had come I remember when you were so close to me But now its just a memory Crowds of people surround me by im lonely Somethings aren?t always what they seem Show time no time to relax I can?t even take a minute I can?t get off track Fast pace n...
For I desire tonight Is the chance to make this right Cause my heart is aching inside What should I do I don?t have the answers To why everything seems to be going wrong And if I had the answers I wouldn?t be in this trouble I should?ve listened to my mother I wish I was smarter Cause the decisions that I made Were not, where my heart is Maybe it?s just a part of me Maybe I?m just too blind to...


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