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1000 years of solitude 1000 years of pain hardened my heart fed my poor soul with misery I can't even tell am I dead, am I alive? Don't hesitate, penetrate me with your sting I don't know how to cry I won't even bleed Don't even worry if I might die At least then I'll know that I was alive 1000 years of isolation the closer to you, the lonelier I get I could vanish in your presence You wouldn'...
From a crack on my sealed window enters a ray of light It falls down at the foot end of the bed that I'm not going to leave any more I curse you morning light, spot on my solitude No one here to mourn with me the loss of hope in this life The light that brings the day reminds me that I'm dead I want to break out, I want to be free And leave behind these chains that keep me captive My life a ru...
Don't mourn now for your lost life and what did you do to deserve it? it was just a bitter gift Pull yourself together and with your last strength make a final prayer thank for the precious present... death The emptiness consumed your weary soul ate you from inside like a parasite But death came -like a prince on his white horse- and set you free with a last, sweet kiss Don't dwell now like a ...
We, the dead, can not understand Why these mortals don't envy us In silence and peace we rest, but we don't exist We have so many things in common Why are they afraid of us? We can't understand Our lives are over, theirs have no meaning What have they got that we don't have? Beautiful is our realm Our kingdom no one can resist In solitude's eternal bliss Together we shall not exist
Nooit meer mijn hart zul je ineenkrimpen, in twee breken want het gevoel dat jou zo deed lijden, was de liefde voor niemand Onpersoonlijke liefde, gericht op een glimlach, een speels blik, een gouden haarlok, de aanraking van een zacht lichaam zo zacht, sidderend zacht dat slechts de herinnering overblijft lijkt mij te beurt te zijn gevallen Als een magneet lijkt deze liefde zonder gezicht All...
How I long for the tender flesh of the Virgin For the subdued look in her eyes When she starts to suspect that I'm the angel Who is going to embrace her I'm Jesus' father And therefore God Ignored by history But not by fate
O, how it hurts The sting of solitude I'm quenching on my own My solitude is going to kill me O, how they tighten The ropes around my neck What have I done to myself? From this self-made hell Who is going to save me? As I'm laying here With my eyes closed I can see you smiling, drowning in joy I reach out my arms; beg to touch your face But you stand there motionless Waving from the other side...
It's time to move on Time to leave my shelter And step into this world I had turned my back to Time to find some joy Time to share some happiness My God, I forgot how to love and hate Is this the world? Is this my new shelter? How could I base my hope on this? Where can I find Some light into this darkness How can I build the fortress of truth On a foundation of lies? It's time to say goodbye ...


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