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Ooh, ooh, yeah Ooh, ooh, yeah Muck around, waist another mile now Muck around, waist another mile now You feel the need, there is no way to return You feel the need, oh yeah it burns Muck around, hot love on a platter Yeah, yeah Give me that thing Give it my friend Give me good, good times around the bend I'll stay forever Give me that thing Give it my friend Give me hot, hot love around the b...
Hey hero what you do aint gon wait one heart on you again and again Hey hero who are you Aint got no hit aint got no clue now give up your name let us down dont let us down Gone find a way Gone find a way without you Though were not the same No Never the same without you oohhh Where are you my friend so true How come my love gone make you blue I saw it today Tell us all your point of view tell...
Well, I got my mind out of sight lost the common sense, got a rave in my brain like i'm without defense. Till I catch my eyes right in front of me, It's a bloke of a man finally taking me. Hey cute from the left, oh yeah Why'd his move he had me shake out a lie He really had it going... The crowd's getting thinner we are getting closer, with a hole in my head he took me to his sofa... Well now...


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