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Yeah, so anesthetize this aesthetic we've got this all wrong we're inordinately subordinate, enslaved by your fashion We're nurturing apathy with our philistinism Comforted by routine and ancillary acquisition missing lyrics this is the volte-face response to your way of thinking this is the refusal to accept what we've let this become Yeah We've got this all wrong all wrong LET GO We've got t...
breath it in, the sweet smell of failure. drink it down with dystopic discord... drown me darling, once more. pesticides. this pest aside... anything to save you from me. kill this seed before it germinates. bury this thought before its born... i am my own judas.
hey honey, you were given feet to dance with. say sugar, you were given hips to sway. so steal a kiss, and lose yourself with me tonight... raise your fist and the flag for this army. yeah yeah, you know this is the new way. a riff based revolution. a soundtrack for love... taste what you've been waiting for all along - freedom for one night.
i'm all head injuries and amputee scars. scratch the phantom limb. is it yet time for the bloodletting? doctor, i'll take two more leeches please. we'll suck this disease out for certain... ah, better days, better days are just around the corner...
is this your weapon? a soulless smile. a mouthful of daggers to bite off the hand that feeds you. so tear me down... a well placed punctuation mark in my plans. divide one sentence into two. run on run on run on. who taught you this behavior?
can i get some air to breath? we're suffocating ourselves with mediocrity. we lose the battle daily. cemented in sentiment. sentimentally yours, my dying bride... directionless drivel. a six-gun surprise. can we at least save what little is left? we're dying here.
red lips. white face. white lies. painless. drink from this cup. hemlock. end this... pretty pictures from story book lies. typhoid mary had nothing on you... indulge. intoxicate on this. hit me. kiss me. with daggers in your smile... so join me for once last dance. one last traipse through this minefield. this time nothing like the first. this time we'll pretend we mean it... 'happy-ever-afte...
please abuse me with fists perfectly formed. bite off my tongue so i wont say a word the anger dulls your beauty - the alcohol washes it completely away.... a cantankerous cacophony of calamity. consume conscience but claim control. and its only now i realize that i've overexposed myself... i no longer believe in angels.
to play this part i've got to turn away. i've got to face the lie. to face the day i've got to turn away. c'mon, tear down this charade. yeah, can you market me? am i radio friendly? repackage reproduce and regurgitate. do we have an ounce of originality, or has it been swallowed whole by mass market consumerism? we're not free. we've got to tear it down.
i'm dressed for the kill now. i'm dressed for our funeral. a dress down affair. an accident addressed to me from you... a self-inflicted starving state. succinctly salacious sanctimony... we knew we'd be the death of us but no amount of preparation could cushion the blow... with every word, with every thought, we betray us... we betray us and I can't forget it.
put on your dancing shoes and move to this free-form beat. yeah. the syncopation of discontent is the sound of non-participation. so put on your dancing shoes baby and get down. you can't stop. hatred is the only cure for apathy, so let yourself go. get lost in the beat. let yourself go, and all that jazz.
standstill. linger in this torpor. try to avoid entropy. try to avoid atrophy. status check? stasis. state this: stay this course... the state of the union is shabby indeed.
start transmission: somethings wrong. a distress signal not yet heard. this transgressions not the first. a distinct missive of missed design. somethings missing, somethings wrong. end transmission. please send help... beat the past into submission. because i'm repeating my same mistakes over and over again. bleed this one until its dry. suffer the ties that bind... all hands on deck, this shi...
yeah baby, ain't this what you've always wanted? so lets see you smile through pretty poison lips... i've got my eyes shut tight and my hands tied, and i've got no air to breath. you won. yeah baby, you won.
i drink from your cup to feel i'm alive. i swallow this whole to define myself. i wait this out though time kills all things... but touch is a luxury ill-afforded, and its underneath my skin... and this is all just an accident waiting to happen. a trap waiting to be sprung. i'm not entirely convinced that you're not the worst idea i've ever had... and in the end i don't know up from down. in t...
turn off the alarm. spit-shined and disarmed. time heals like a gun - if you let it. so run me down with no headlights. my head is light from this white noise. and i feel like i'm about to explode. i feel like i'm about to explode. so get away... what better way to wake?
i've got my back against the wall. i've got my feet planted firmly in this... i break the surface to breath again for the first time. chill november air burns my nostrils. a fleeting moment - soon stolen. and i can never look at this the same again... there are two types of people in thisworld... the dead, and the dying.
this clarity drives me to my knees. a bitter concoction of my selfishness. and i don't want to get up. let me lie here and bleed, because i deserve this. and you hate the way that life feels - but you can't stop it. we're all the villians... porcelain shatters - my symmetry destroyed.
i hate myself for ever having thought that i was stronger than this. and i'm convinced that this town may well be the death of me. wear the mask. live the lie. i am richard corey. i am richard corey.


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