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Verse There?s acid in my stomach and there?s blood in my veins Kids are busy playing in the sun and the rain I can?t help feeling concerned that I am insane There?s someone staring at me and a place is a plane The sky is far too bright but it is night where I stare Its sunny where I?m standing but its flooding somewhere And I can?t be concerned because I really don?t care If where I am is fine...
Verse I feel your footsteps moving on the second floor I feel your body and I know you know I want to feel some more I fit the record for the loneliest of guys I think you?re lonely too I know you know I see it in your eyes I break all over you like waves break on the shore I see you moving through your window and I want to feel some more I fit the record for the loneliest of guys I live a lon...
Verse They said you?re back and they say you?ve been down I thought I?d talk to you now I?ve got the music turned down I?ve got my thoughts turned up loud I stopped to talk and they said you been bad You said you wish I?d come back And its fine to talk But I refuse to be your rock Prechorus I don?t want to waste any time And all that I say are lies Chorus And I?ll sing the same song, and I?ll ...
Verse Well I?ve got needs Somebody help I?m on my knees I?ve barely got the strength to see with my eyes Well I?ve got science In other words but I?m just lying Can barely see beyond the tears that she cries Chorus I had a dream that everything was fine I swear she said that she would be alright And oh my eyes saw clearer And I was someone?s hero Verse Well I?ve got you And you?ve got someone ...
Verse I?ve been hiding I?ve been writing The same songs in notebooks used to fuel the fires I?m writing I?ve been singing I?ve been sinking Between the molecules of drinks that I?ve been drinking I?ve been dreaming I?ve been keeping My secrets safe inside my body while I?m sleeping Prechorus She leans in close, starts whispering I wish I could fly, please lend me your wings Chorus I hate the s...


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