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If it hurts this much then it must be love And it's a lottery, I can't wait to draw your name Oh, I'm trying to get to you but time isn't on my side If the truth's the worst I can do then I guess that I have lied Keeping me awake, it's been like this now for days My heart is out at sea, my head all over the place I'm losing sense of time and everything tastes the same I'll be home in a day, I ...
You've got a nerve giving me the cold shoulder Giving me the twice over, that's not deserved And we'll talk again when you're sober You said that I've got cold and our heat has gone I wanna be your eyes So you can see what you've done I wanna be your ears So you can hear everything that's been missing Finders keepers Will you keep me in mind? I like secrets 'Cause they keep me in line Old habi...
You've been looking at me like you've got something to say You got flaws in your step You're miles away from anything anyway Let's get to the point The words that fell of your lips didn't mean anything They didn't mean shit to you or him But tonight we will be alright Yes the champagne is on ice for you and I And you're right for we will be alright 'Cause we've got it all and it's all that is ...
Keep your hands to yourself, these lips belong to someone else And you know that you will never get on it Keep your lies to yourself, every lie you heard from someone else And you know that you will never get with it Well, I sussed you good, you knew I would Oh haven't you heard you're just a mark on my shirt? Another night and another girl Well, I taste so good, you knew I would So who's keep...
All those dirty words that you said, did you mean it, did you now. You're biting at the hand that feeds you, like a stray for some scraps. Everybody you once knew has turned their backs. And everyone that you once loved has sold you out. Everyone I know, they faked it from the word go and I need to know why. That everyone I love has been swimming with the sharks and I don't know why. Does defe...


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