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ohh, yeah anything, anytime [Chorus:] anytime you call you call i will come for you i'll come i will run to you i'll run i wont be long baby anytime you call i will be right there, right there ready to comfort you for you show you some empathy show you some thangs [Verse One:] its crazy how i met you and i knew immediately that you were just a little different from the man that i become accust...
My heart, he takes. He'll always be my baby We may bend, won't break. What we got no one else can take. He's the sun when my day is low. On this adventure, we're front row. His love is the center of my attention. See, yall don't know what he do for me. That guy is my everything. We argue, we fight. Then make up by the end of the night. Don't even speak it, speak it. We know what we got. I love...
Neyo: My s**y love so s**y She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up i do With just one touch thank you Candace: I still get butterflies everytime he passes by I cant say why N- And I just can't think Of anything else I'd rather do C- Than to hear you sing Sing my name the way you do N- Oh when we do our thing When we do the things we do Both- Baby girl/boy you make me sing oh oh oh ...
I get this feeling in my head every time you come around baby You leave this feeling in my legs every time you come around baby I think I?m in another place just because you are around me baby I wanna live inside this place every time you are around me baby Chorus You and I are one in the same Been this long and has not changed Ever since the first time I knew all about you You and me is meant...


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