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Ireland's most exciting saga is, undoubtedly, Tain Bo Cuailgne The Cattle Raid of Cooley , the centrepiece of the Ulster cycle of Heroic Tales. Normally referred to as "The Tain", it deals with the conflict between the forces of Connacht and Ulster for possession of a prize bull. The events of the Tain are estimated to have taken place in Ireland approximately 500 B.C. The earliest written ver...
You felt the chill of midnight ice As I broke your heart in two. And I felt the kiss of emptiness As I watched your life turn blue. Life was a game. Now I miss your name; Your golden hair. No more in your eyes is the blue of skies - Only shame. A lonely soul, betrayed by love, You walked into the stream. With tears of love upon my cheeks I heard your final scream.
My love is colder than black marble by the sea. My heart is older than the cold oak tree. I am the flash of silver in the sun. When you see me coming you had better Run, run, run From Dearg Doom. From Dearg Doom. From Dearg Doom. From Dearg Doom. You speak in whispers of the devils I have slain By the fire of my silver Devil's Blade, And still you dare to flaunt yourself at me. I don't want yo...
We've used Knockeen Free, which means, in Irish, the heathery little hill to paint a musical picture of Maeve's hill-fort in Connacht.
Perhaps the best known Irish March, The March of the King of Laois, forms the basic melodic structure of this song - a warning to Maeve from Cu Chulainn. People say you're dressed to kill. You're not a girl to come on slow. Once you get the bit between your teeth You don't feel like letting go. But before you hit off Let me say you've bit off More than you can chew. I recall just how you laugh...
Cu Chulainn's birth-name acts as a theme for the first half, up to where, as Cu Chulainn he kills his friend Ferdia.
About the forthcoming battle, this piece is a dance tune called Old Noll's Jig.
One night in bed, the promiscuous Connacht Queen, Maeve, quarrels with her husband Ailill. They argue over who has the most wealth. Ailill doesn't like the suggestion that he's a kept man. "Her words were sharp; they cut him deep, in a war between the sheets". Ailill's magnificent White Bull is the deciding factor in their subsequent measuring of possessions. Maeve's a bad loser. Mac Roth, her...
The hop jig we've used here is in 9/8 time and is called The Humours of Whiskey. I see the last black swan Fly past the sun. I wish I, too, were gone Back home again. It seems our fortunes lied Despite our gain. Our tears fall like our pride. We cry in shame. Now we've got time to kill Kill the shadows on our skin. Kill the fear that grows within. Killing time, my friend. I stare into your eye...
There has always been great speculation as to the nature of the Brown Bull. In the manuscripts the Bull is referred to as "an Donn Cuailgne". While the word "Donn" means "brown" it is also the name of the ancient Irish God of the Dead. There is also a related story which tells how two malevolent magicians take the shape of Bulls and resume a longstanding feud. You can fool the woman - One of t...


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