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Oh huh, oh huh Well dis one name if, well dis is hawkeye a wonder wah some man would do if dem see a some girls looking like dis Cho: Wah yuh woulda if, If yuh buck a girl and she fat till eh split worse yuh unda yuh guiness and spliff and she go mek all yuh someting stiff Man juss tell me wah yuh woulda if, If yuh buck a girl and she fat till eh split worse yuh unda yuh guiness and spliff and...
Intro. When yuh see certain Bangarang A gwan like them a look yuh man Dont even watch it Di laugh jus mek she have it Chorus Laugh..... gal yuh nuh man poppy show so mek some gal know Laugh...laugh cause dem a force up pon yuh man wid dem corny toe impress yuh man she all a walk naked outta door Laugh...a gal feel a suh yuh stay,but anno so Verse1 Gal come a force up Si yuh man outt...
Intro: A wha dat mi see a gwaan ova deh so, a bag a man a grounds, "pull up dat" wait When a done wid dah song yah, see it, we aggo get more space fi dance wid now yuh bwoy Chorus Move from 'gainst man and go look some gyal Every weh man deh, yu deh like mi pants material Move Yu nuh see mi an a gyal a embrace 'fore you steer yu come alook up inna man face Move From 'gainst man an go look gyal...
Some fool see man outta road from weh day an` a disrespect Mind you haffi gety two outta mi Intratech Bad man slang... Well a who tell you fi guh k wid me tranquil yah now? Well like how we buck, y`a guh see seh me nuh gyow Yuh gyal yuh fi guh suck, --Me business you fi `low Caa bad man nuh fraida nuh guy An` we nuh bow. Caa bad man nuh mix up dem name inna fart Nuff time me have it an me well...
Intro: Skibidy bye...Da, eeeh Well this is Hawkeye, all my independent ladies out there This is your song Chorus: Tell ah gal yuh nuh beg, and yuh nuh sponge Ah gal hungry, caan buy yuh lunch Come in like stale crackers, lose every crunch Dem ah bag juice yuh wanna try fruit pinch Tell her yuh nuh beg, and yuh nuh sponge Nuh waan nuh man if him pockets have mumps Yuh waan di whole ah di cake, ...


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