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You build me up then bring me down Seems I've tried to understand You take a hold then you take my hand Pull me underground But I can't make up my mind And all the words I tried I close the door and wait on something Like before you leave me nothing I wanna go down to the beach where you're going Take me to the place you know And slowly with me dream the day away I wanna ride all the waves tha...
I can feel you pull me under I can feel you staring there I can feel you watching me over Seems like there is no other Seems like I lost a world And as you follow me I wonder And I?ve fallen to the ground And every time I turn around I feel your shadow there Calling me, calling me It?s all security You?ve locked me in without a key No matter how I try I can?t get you out of my heaven Every tim...
When my eyes aren't open wide When it's hard to make the time When words are so uptight Thoughts collide If answers are unsure I've been through this before And an ocean fills my mind I'm so tired You can make a face at me But it's more than I can hide You can place it all on me And even though I try I am speaking slowly But inside I am only wanting you To hear me Too late to make a sound And ...
Looking up I see your point of view Is nothing more than a picture of you It's not enough to know but dark enough to go I wonder if your heart steps in my shoes And when I hear those things you're saying When I see those eyes you gave me Seems the games I know you're playing End up to be uncertainty Images of you are sinking Better yet I'm still thinking This won't be the life I'm dreaming Whe...


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