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I hope this day can stay and last forever Surrounded by smiles when where together I cant imagine the day I leave all this behind I promise you I will never turn blind Please don?t wait for me, at night Coz I will be here right by you side Nothing can tare us apart, Coz we are stronger then ever You and me will always last forever, No matter how far away, we will always seem to remain As you a...
You stand before the world And you feel the cold, creep up on you You stare into the distance and you feel like you just want to let go But you hear This voice say Not to go But you dont want to hear it woah Your lying on the pavement And the people dont stop they just walk on by Your memerious they have faded And you have lost all of your senses But you fear This voice that, Says not to go An...
Yeah You Know everything thats in mind And everything thats in my heart I need to escape this imprisonment of mine I need to escape from you woah, woah, woah, woah No you Cant take anything of mine Just pack up, Leave, Get out of here These 4 walls seems to talk back to me I need to escape from this woah Imprisonment of mine woah This is my mental hell woah These four walls seem to talk back t...
Before, I thought I wasn?t strong enough, To try and break every boundary that surrounded me, But now, since we?ve been together for a while, The skies are clear, run for mile, We won?t give up, we?ll fight till we die. We run, and sacrifice everything we have, We can?t go back now don?t you turn around, Coz now, we are to far from home, we're to far from home. Re United, At the start we were ...
Your so cold, Your broken inside, Your lying on the floor, And your screaming, Hoping that someone can, Believe in you, I turn around and i see it, In front of my eyes, Everything just turns, Black and white. I feel the world stop turning. I don't even know who you are, While im standing here, I see the frozen eyes that lye upon you, While you hear a sudden, Whisper in your ear, Suddenly you s...


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