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If you won't confide what eats you up inside you will die This is a secret that's not yours to hold Spit it out, watch it corrode the ground the sidewalk a long molten stream sulphurous stenching and choking our eyes Watch it slip into the sky Don't cut up your arms and then cover with reasons you've used for too long Scream it out, it will burn as it flies Watch it slip into the sky
I need violent dying I need quiet times If you don't believe me as I slide in the sea It doesn't matter much to me I lie down and I float nowhere I know why because I lie just hearing my mouth open I feel the water on my skin dry I scorn and shame you berate and blame you I beg you to come to me It's easy You let me Don't leave me Now you won't come out tonight Your clothes are clung to you wi...
That was given to me Stole that from my family I bought that I'm labelling the stuff I got figuring what I've lost I'm looking into boxes trying to see myself Everything was close together when I woke up today The Welcome mat destroyed by the cat that I let in one day It could not settle down so I had to let it go This house isn't mine and that I know the truth coming out of the melting snow o...
I'm here where I want to be Seven thousand miles from infinity No one knows where I am. It's quiet here with me I'm filling in the spaces where the killings used to be There's no phone and no way home It's been a long time coming It's been a long time I'm here where I want to be Seven thousand miles from infinity No one knows where I am but me
It began as a regular day in my room, with a cup of hot black coffee Sure, I was depressed but I always am Some people love life, well not me. But then the choppers came, two by two by ten announcing apocalypse of a different kind So I ran out of my room, ran down the stairs Down the street into Nathan Phillips Square People, people running and horses everywhere Yeah, the Pope, Pope, Pope, Pop...
lyrics are spoken Girls, I know you will understand this and feel the intrinsic incredible emotion You have just pulled over your head the worn, warm sweater belonging to a boy Now, you haven't had a passionate kissing session or anything, but you got to go on a camping trip with him and eight other people from school And you practically slept together, your sleeping bag right next to his And ...


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