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the sun is coming up my single thought is you and everything you say is starting to come back I'm wishing you were here i need you now i feel more than i can take my heart, my life's at stake i feel more than I can stand my heart is in your hand and i am afraid is it coincidence or is it all a sign? a cosmic blueprint pre-designed? i want to see your face i want to hear your voice I need you n...
get it together you couldn't possibly forgive a lie like that could you, would you? get it together look at how disoriented with guilt she is sweet victory, to see her wanting to apologize we've become silhouettes only hinting at our thoughts get it together i know you think she was innocent draped with the finest sheets of white get it together but you can't forget the lies she told her own s...
stand up and shout cause that's the only way they'll hear you let them know never back down cause then they'll see you standing there and then they'll know stand and fight don't run, stay strong and if you fall, get up don't back down just stand up and if they laugh, laugh back cause then they'll see you've beat them out again remember that there is no perfect pink utopia for them open your ey...


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