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If I had a wish Baby, I wish he never left you feeling like this 'Cause I can feel your pain But if you just could get over him Maybe some wine will empty your mind Girl, I'ma make it better Now can we dim the lights Let's make a toast, that it will be alright Cheers 2 U for givin' me a chance I'll be your angel your guardian man Cheers 2 U for givin' me a chance I'll be your angel your guardi...
I heard you moved across the town Lately I ain't seen you around I stopped at the club last night And baby you were no where in sight Where are you are baby I called but the line was busy Redial and they said you were busy last week when we laid in my bed It's still in my head, still in my head I would get on a train If I hide to ride it Get on a plane If I had to fly it, fly it Get on the bus...
I got a car, a J O B, I'm an independent man God is blessing me A lot of girls that I can call but 9 times out of 10 I don't call them at all The fun and games is over due I miss having someone to answer to I got a house, I got a key There's one more thing that I really need I need a one man woman And you need a one lady man Girl you don't have to find another 'Cause I'll be your man plus your...
Have you ever been on a roller coaster ride I'll take you, girl I'll take you 'Cause see my love will get you up and down and side to side, yes I'll lace ya, sho 'nuff lace ya And have you ever been alone and had to touch yourself, yes I'll make ya, girl I'll make ya Even when you thought we were through oh, I'll taste you I'll taste ya, taste ya I can see you and me openly Together And I don'...


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