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years spent cold Profile


lifeless, my body becomes numb this pain i feel, i leave to you the ground is a reflection of you six feet under, ill bury you the story begins and everyone dies who will stand with me and fight to the bitter end stand up who will stand with me and fight to the bitter end stand up and fight who said only the good die young your last breath of fresh air who will stand with me and fight to the b...
you pushed me to the edge you let this happen these excuses mean shit youll wish you never made this choice dont looks for a way out duck and run for cover, just find your way out your mistakes, are no longer mistakes this will be the end to your false ways calling you out in your own house wasted f***ing copout cut in half you think that this is just a f***ing game you pushed me to the edge y...
this hate runs deepx2 through these veins do you need anymore reasons just cut your f***ing life short do us all a favor just cut, just cut your f***ing life short dont bother explaining because i could care less your feeling, your life, dont mean a f***ing thing end your life, years spent cold
suffer slowly ill make this uneasy f*** your friends, f*** your family dont preache to me about positivity its not the answer and it never will be drawn and quartered now your legs can spread further
this time we cut through your bullshit its our turn well make this place fall to its knees this is the end of your shitty venue dont try to avoid this your false income is through your blood my hands this is the end
it priceless to watch you suffer you wont crawl out of this car wreck as the flames engulf your body it couldnt happen to a better person if i could, id bring you back to watch it all again watch you suffer
leaking, this was your choice i want, to see you f***ing bleed prepare to see your f***ing end friends, means friends till the end ill take this mind set to the grave


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