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I got a trans**ual feeling It's hard to be true to the one that's really you I got a scandalous feeling It's hard to be true when they point and stare at you Conditioned to portraying the mask of masculinity Another blend of different shading I am what I am I don't give a damn I wanna know, I wanna know I wanna know, I wanna know... I wanna know, I wanna know Are you man enough to be a...woman...
Speed demon Terror strikes when nobody knows Speed demon Blasting out with dynamite blows EEC gonna put it in motion Mark of the beast right across the ocean Speed demon Hell is for heroes,I'm told Speed demon Lake of fire and brimestone World War I,World War II, World War III,that's me and you Speed demon Economic war goes higher Speed demon Ressurected Roman empire We're too stoned,baby. We ...
[sound of creaky door opening] [laughter] Oh Hello Have you ever thought as the hearse goes by That you may be the next to die? They wrap you in a big white sheet And then they burry you eight feet deep And then Your casket begins to leak Ah ha The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out The worms play pinochle on your snout Your liver turns a slimy green And pus runs out like big whipped cream Yo...
Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow Washington Square Park along Fifth Avenue New York blue angel just waiting for the phone to ring Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow Poor little rich girl in a woman's body Please put me in your movie, oh Mr. Warhol Tell me you won't go away tomorrow Tell me you are here to stay tomorrow Standin...
We're gonna try to be commercial, just like we did it at rehearsal Try not to be very thrilling Then maybe we can make a million No being rude or outrageous to make you think that we're contagious No dirty words or political statements No more recording in our basement Trying to get on the radio Trying to get on the radio Trying to get on the radio... Maybe we could change your minds or maybe ...


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