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Featuring Van Der Toorn Cherish the love we had As far back as I remember, the game?s been played Boy chace girl and Girl dissed da boy. But there?s only one exception to da rule and that is loot and a whole big bag of it. Now, I?m speaking from experience, and when you?re broke you know you get no skiniens. And if you lucky like Luciano, now here?s my motto, Lay it one by one and make sure it...
Pappa: To da Hip Hop you don?t stop da rock and to da bang bang boogie we all love Hip Hop To da B.E.A.R. and the DanDaDa he?s the Godfather and I?m the Bear PappaOn and on to da break of dawn ?cause we can rock a party till the sun come up and goes down again now hand in the air and wave the motherf*** like you just don?t care Now party people tell me, are you readyhere to rock steady creep y...
Honey luv, you are my baby Honey luv, you drive me crazy Honey luv, never get enough of loving you Honey luv, you are my baby I took me a trip down to Jamaica drinking rum, bubblen with rasta farians ?cause I?m on the rebound from my last gig all I want is get bomb and mind my own biz I never thought I could ever get hooked I never thought there?d be someone like you that can read me like a bo...
Featuring Van Der Toorn And when the rain begins to fall You ride my rainbow in the sky And I will catch you if you fall You never have to ask me why And when the rain begins to fall I?ll be the sunshine in your life You know that we could have it all And everything will be alright Contemplating away to give Thanx? to the one person that was there to hold my hand. That?s the one person who was...


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