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Lonesome feelin's gotta hold on me. An' if I don't wanna cry no tears. Why did I head out down that lonely street? And why'd I ever come in here? 'Cos when I start drinking, bound to start thinking, 'Bout who you're with tonight, an' I'm bound to cry. Bound to wonder, whose spell you're under, An' if you hold him tight, then I'm bound to cry. Bound to want you, but I don't want to. An' honey i...
I tossed and turned and tried counting sheep, When will I ever learn, I'll never sleep. 'Til you're by my side, it's just a waste of time. Ain't no use trying to get you off my mind. So I guess I'll be confessin' my love, confessin' my love. There ain't gonna be no restin' at all, 'Cos I want you too much. I might get all embarrassed and a little tongue-tied, 'Cos I ain't had no lessons in exp...
There's a photo in my baby book, Of the first step that I ever took. I ended up on my butt with a puzzled look. Ever since, I've been kinda confused. When life tripped me up, I was easily bruised. But time has a way of healing wounds. Now I'm a guy that does what he feels, But I never seem to spot that banana peel. With eyes shut tight and nerves of steel, I'm taking the plunge, baby, head ove...
Hearts beatin' like a drum in a rock band Parked in the car that I borrowed from my old man Well it's hard to get lovey dovey in the bucket seats Oughta take a little walk down by the creek Love a growin' like a weed in the sunshine Us in the shade of a tree in the summer time Up in the sky above fly the birds and the bees The buzz is a goin' round about you and me Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ...
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