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شباب، أنا أحاول أن اجمعين متابعين لحون على السوشال ميديا
يرجى فولو لحون على الروابط الأتية

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Go go go go x 8 Chorus Well this my pinky this my thumb Bankhead bounce donkey kong x4 [Verse 1] Well it's a brand new dance and it's coming your way It was started in the south by the DJ There's some say it's hard but it ain't true It's the only dance that'll ? for you Just bounce to the right bounce to the left You can Bankhead Bounce by yourself Anyone can do it just let me know I know a li...
[Intro] Yeah get money Do what I want her to She dancer for money Do what I wanna do [Chorus] I'm your nasty dancer dancer for money Do what you want me to do do what I what her to I'm your freaky dancer dancer for money I'll do what you want me to do do what I what her to [Verse 1] Pass the salt shaker so I can make her Shake that salt all over my plate So you wanna get paid here the table th...
I have a dream today That one day this nation will rise up And little black children And little white children Will hold hands I'm a black man living in this white man's world I gotta watch my back he might rape my girl 'Cause he did one time he'll do that shit again I'm the black American with the paperback skin Now all he ever gave me was a knot and a rope Cracker get your hands off my throa...


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