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Close your eyes and count to ten I?ll be there when you open them Close your eyes and count two three Can you see mountains Can you see trees Can you see everything that matters to me Listen hard cant you hear it fall Us lucky lovers we get it all No inhibitions and no regrets I think this might be our best loving yet And not a night you will want to forget Cos I wanna show you things of beaut...
I could lose myself I you I could let go of The things that keep me down at heal I could risk myself on you I could be parted With things that I hold deal to me Cos I stare outside my window It always starts to rain I feel stuck inside a day That never seems to end Take me on a plane Like we?re in a film Like one of those black and white French things Take me on a plane Like we?re on the run J...
I?m running upstairs, Stepping on clouds Smiling yeah I?m smiling on the underground Sleeping like a baby, Giving off steam I?m woken up But I am still in my dream I?m walking taller, feeling good Feeling like I?m understood, I?m seeing happiness through a kaleidoscope Feel just like Spiderman Super powers in my hand I?m taking this city in my stride Oh Hari Krishna boy You got me feeling peac...
see that man behind that tree? he's spent seventeen hours just waiting for me and there's really no doubt he's in love with me I really am his number one priority you might call him a loser but I call him a friend 'cos he's the last man standing when the evening ends he says 'baby I love you, won't you hear my confession?' I say 'don't worry babe, I share the same obsession' yeah I got myself ...
Don?t be scared To just let it slide Swallow your pride When you?re coming undone Cos Its alright, Its Ok I?ll be your cotton wool And I?ll soak it all Away And you can slide like a wheel on water I will be your lungs when you can?t come up for air Cos I can take us to Paris I can get us to Rome We can drive all night If you don?t want to go home Move the sea a little closer If you cant see it...


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