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شباب، أنا أحاول أن اجمعين متابعين لحون على السوشال ميديا
يرجى فولو لحون على الروابط الأتية

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Crank it up If you're by the stereo yo I'm telling you to Whack that up And even if you're not can you please make sure that you Get the f*** up No joking around I'm telling you Show some love Please can you show some Love Rip the tune off the compact disc and drag-drop into your favorites playlist Convert to MP3 and give it 5 stars in your itunes library Set as your profile song and show the ...
Lets get this party started Get smashed, gate crash Get smashed, gate crash On Friday night and we just arrived, There's a fair few girls but mostly guys, Got supplies now we in the drive, I hope we got the house number right. Knock loud and ring the bell, Door swings and the music swells out, It's quite catchy if you could tell, In the hall welcome to hell. Welcome to our world, We are the wa...
That boys a Hoxton Hero, Skinny fit jeans and dressed in pink, How he dresses I care zero, As long as he don't steal my drink. That girls an Indie Cindy, Lego haircut and polka-dot dress, I don't care if she thinks she's indie, How she's different is anyones guess. You've got you skin tights, colours on the floor, With all your white lines, every slut and whore, All the band boys in your specs...


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