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As we reach unto the sky living fearful in a lie we stop and stare upon the starlit fields we see Out there I watch the trail of streaming light defining patterns in the shining eyes My lifeblood, that feeds my will to be is slowly deserting me The silence from your lips deceives your true intentions and it follows me into the grave Those shining eyes, I feel their cold gaze My lifeblood, that...
As I shrink into the shadows I remember what was then There is something missing Like a piece of me... Haunting mists are following me you will never be again Like a ship, on the everflowing seas ever drifting away life?s light blown out by a wind of unbeing could do nothing more, it was all lost, when you died. Left behind I can recall what you knew and what you were All these thoughts and me...
[Instrumental] [Music by: Thomas Ahlgren Erik Odsell]
The twilight darkness is growing in our souls And the twilight symphony is playing thousands of tones The tones that lead us to the eternal night The night that makes us blind with all its might I can feel the pain Listening to the mourning of the lost Confronting emotions cold as winter frost When the glimmering stars are covering the sky My dreams turn strong and I close my eyes I start to f...


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