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300 times I dream of you 300 times I prayed for you now I sit here I`m all alone now I am shure you left me alone. I think of a time, when you were mine. You said:?Close your eyes an I'll be there for you.
When do you spend your time, when are youmine, when do you know, when do you give a sign, when are you mine when do you know Ref.: Hey, how long do you stay, how long must I pray, that you stay.
Sally said:?It`s cold outside.? Sally said:?I`m cold at night, I need a light, that warms me up, a blancet and perhaps som grub.? Mrs. Peters said:?It`s cold in the kitchen.? Mrs. Peters said:?I`m cold through we`re rich` not,now kids come on, let`s go shopping, before I freeze, I will buy anything. Ref.: It`s not fair, that I foundboth world in one street. They don`t share, both are bound, on...
: Send me a god, who knows about me. Tell me, what`s right ant what I don`t see. : Ref.: Save me I`m not as free as you : Show me the way, that I never found. Where do I belong, I`ve lost the ground. : Ref.. But I have a chance to be alive, break out of my world and find myself. Ref.:
It`s more than three years ago but it`s like the first day When I got you to know I just thought please stay. There was just your hand That took me And you said come on Let`s try We met sometimes aand Drank some coffee And when you said goodye You said: Take care of you Whatever you do Take care of youI think of you When you heard the words I love you You were afraid you lose Your freedom But ...


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