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Chorus Canteen Blues I got the Canteen Blues My baby sued Down to my tennis shoes She got drunk lord And wrecked her car Sued my ass And now she's got my bar Passed a law the other day patron get's drunk You gotta pay Get's in his car And has a wreck Damn crazy but it's your neck Law once said when your 21 Big guy now you can shoot a gun Also says you can drink and smoke New law's passed That ...
Words and Music by Ellard Davis Copywright 1986 I was laying in the water Down in Islamorada sipping on a tropical drink starin' at the water I was dreaming of this girl there when this shark swam right uo too my feet I said howdy Mr.Shark Please don't you eat me He said his name was Irving And he wouldn't he said he came to talk he was appalled that my job didn't get me all the women that I w...
Living in the Florida Keys I got the Conchs tropic disease No wine ,no women,no cigarettes Sittin' in the Tiki Lounge My dingy has run aground Lookin' for my new baby At the Toll Gate Inn She's blonde and thin And really fine Get's messed up And she's gone all night Ate another bag Of mush-a-rooms Chorus Hey, Florida Lady, Lady Keys Come on baby come on home with me Pretty lady,Lady Keys Come ...
I met her a little while ago Waitin" tables babe,don't you know She was the only one I could talk too Linda what's become of you She was sweet and young And oh so nice Eagerness made me pay the price Now when I call her On the telephone Her mother says she ain't home Chorus Linda where have you gone Linda did I do you wrong Linda don't make me pay this price I was just being nice Do you want m...
Chorus Tourist romances In one night stanzas The music means more Than back home Making love on the sand With the moon in your hands Saying see you next year All alone We met in a bar I was playing guitar Singing songs that I wrote All night long She was 2 months divorced She owned her own horse We walked in the sand like a song She had a sweet smile That said stay for a while Her passion was ...


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