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terror and death from the sky all out attack all that one can see, turned to rubble thousands are dead, the battle draws near no retreat war nothing clear at all in sight, war cold fear, into no-mans land, rifles held high the devil's burning sky rush forward, aim to shoot and kill machine gun fire, aim to shoot and kill countless bullets hit your body to almost certain death, live or fall to ...
hunted down, become the prey no borders shall restrain my aggression there is nothing who then shall save you you have been decieved you have been decieved grasp the will splendid hatred eternal the adrenaline flows swiftly and violence controls my movements die again, die again under the wings of blood die again, die again let the blood flow shall pain be my mistress or create the blood fille...
the almighty hammer swings blasphemy, the hammer of chaos of chaos enter the sadistic nightmare covenant of terror sweep the world devastation i breath see the flag of hate burn in the sky for you it burns enter the sadistic nightmare covenant of terror sweep the world devastation i breath
the end is the end as you fall trapped in the void of death from where on to the stars only death is real the second before death when the treshold of pain no longer matters who shall guide me then no one but me, no one but me there is nothing to save you death and it's hypocritical prayers that should enlighten me to the tunnel when i should be the tunnels form shall the brother of mankind wi...
in the purest form of evil where the claws of satan reach the claws of satan reach smothered by thoughts of the devil the edge of the universe where no soul yet has been the darkened paradise taken to hell's dominion satan infinity who is not lost within infinity has taken his thoughts upon life and spewed them upon his soul die to the glory of the birth of chaos satan infinity
i stare possessed past the gates of hell blessed devil spirit engulfed in fire terror far beyond the concept of christ do you possess the will to kill to kill from hell's shadows it rises carries the essence of my being into the hellish form of murdering art deranged spirit eternal the timeless splendour of chaos
absolute terror mayhem in our world once the soul of god curches now burn to the ground who's sheep flee from their shephard what is this fiction we call faith i see what i choose, no god shall stand before verwoesting enraged i shall aim to kill verwoesting fury, i am wrath revel in the sphere of war eternally how long until terror once again reigns and trenches fill with the blood of men unt...
i resent and sin again and again saviour who never was and shall never be wrath unfolds upon us but not by god seeking the stars for your salvation resent feeble saviour dragged to hell holy no more in your hour of death where is your god in your hour of death where is your god the fist in the face of god do you expect him to wait for you as you fall to the ground


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