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Quatro-Tuckey Now I'm done playing with fools And I've paid all my childhood dues I find the mountain much steeper to climb Am I just one of the crowd? I decided a few days ago There's no room. Room for me in this show I changed my make-up completely this time Now I'm not of the crowd So good-bye. Good-bye blind eyes I'm gonna find me a cat's eye Good-bye. Good-bye blind eyes I know ...
Quatro-Tuckey Friday gotta find a lover Her evil eyes are on you, boy It promises to be a nightime Of uninturrupted What's she doing. Who's she screwing Leave it up to Friday. She's anyone's wife What's she doing. Who's she screwing Gonna be a lover for the rest of her life At fourteen you were such a sweet thing You helped your mama with the chores But now you find you're inde...
Quatro-Tuckey Well, it's a face. She's a daughter wearing all the bracelets, too And it's a place. Ooo. Don't let her mama catch you Won't cha have a taste of the bad side You never knew good could be so cruel And all the rest Ooo. Don't let her mama catch you She make the most of any man You know those boys will take their life in their hands For Klondyke Kate...Sweet Klondyke Kate Klondyke K...
Quatro-Tuckey Hip-shakin', boogie baby You're never gonna be no queen Passed your time and lost your prime Now you're twenty years past your teens Well, like a blast from the bloodline special And the doctors are growing rich What the guys in town are being passed around It ain't no seven year itch Rockin' Moonbeam You're a cool operator Rockin' Moonbeam You old hear- breaker Rocin' Moonbeam Y...


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