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شباب، أنا أحاول أن اجمعين متابعين لحون على السوشال ميديا
يرجى فولو لحون على الروابط الأتية

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a fume of smoke, a perfumed rain. a strong bull pulls a strong till. a fume of smoke, a fume. i cannot digest what i ingest in jest. what doth i protest? lungs in throat, rigged with wire and hay. a jewel from rote, shines strongs as binds. our jewel from rote, a jewel. tied with wire hay, pressed in rock and clay. 'til their not they. cartoon of self, rich in yes and no, no, yes, and no, no. ...
the first time. the second time. let's stop this clock from starting. wrong, the time's spelled wrong. why won't you ever start? why won't you? time ticking spell it right. understand. it's 1974, '73, '72. cape tight fit on from here out. quot;kiss and ride.quot; quot;twist and shout.quot; quot;lights out.quot;


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