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sentiment lost in translation. there's a glitch in transmission. but i think it goes. i would die or kill anyone for you. and if they're there. i dare them down to you. and if they're there. i'll tear them down for you. because i refuse to be without you. or the things you do. because i refuse to bury you
the sheets are soaked in whiskey, I still can't stop this shaking the sheets are soaked in whiskey, my bottle's empty again It's getting harder to stay sober, dwelling on the dim on this shine and you know I couldn't sell you a lie to save my life so it's up to ugly truths to scrape us by or down to dirty tricks to keep us blind the sheets are soaked in whiskey, your bags are packed I still ca...
somewhere between where we say and we do. we knew. bottle back. quick with burn. to burn this away
we've watched the lines form in our faces and the smoke fall and break to code from our hands and a message missed was a message read we can never leave the regrets we've wed we've loved too little and it's cut us to our quick we sleep in the seconds between a swing and a hit
it crept to me like a cancer in my sleep it gnawed the meat right from these bones and so it seems somewhere, somehow, the wonder was stole and the truths we've held were squandered and sold and these walls, these walls will find us beggars, and liars, and whores it's getting colder quicker we're putting bets on who's quickest to leave we've picked our poison, talked shit, but couldn't choke i...
i found this outside you. the road to your room is half as long as my list of regrets. i count my seconds inside you and struggle to find. instead i fall and i wrecked us all
and you're spitting bullets as the words trip off of my tounge, and your spitting bullets and everyone is chisled with my name. and you'll hang me on and you'll hang me from every word you're a killing joke cloaked with a kiss, and hollow hits from hollow hands have never torn like this. no one's leaving until we have 4 fists broken
and i don't want to say that i wasted my days chasing instead of catching keeping. wasting wishes on copper and stars. i'm wanting you to save me and i'm not only asking. because i can face this falling it's just the taking that i fell. i'm breaking down
put your hands all over me let it burn, let it seethe let it stain, let it bleed it's just a reminder that we both hurt more than we care to remember it's just a reminder that this will hurt more than we'll care to remember drink from the whisky on my lips to kill the indifference we'll tear at every inch that we can get until we're begging for a looser fit the truth lies where ugly loses inno...
poet i'm sick of your pretty lies. and it was about the song that sang of the shelves i wished you on. now sing along. and i used to wish my heart as good my heart as strong. and i used to wish i. don't say it's gone. i'll pull the truth to you. and even if it breaks us both down. don't say it's gone The Time It Took
our histories, they hold no apologies and how we suffer what we can't, what we won't let go you sad little man, you scared little girl you're passing torches pissed out long ago so long ago choke this beast on the cord which it feeds hand over fist, sew up your wrists, live to shine again oh, my mother, I'll see you hurt no more you sad little man, you scared little girl you seal your fates wi...
lost somewhere in the bottle and song i bet on static to hold the rest together and i want it back what you've leveled with a glance i want a language i can use because my words are lost on you and i'll scrape bottom to prove i bleed slit my throat to speak and let me breathe
and we're all dying from what we cant touch and we've built shines of where we've laid we're only lying to say we'll lay there again so f*** your remember whens because we're still breathing THIS IS YOUR DOCUMENT YOUR LAST DANCE, SO F*** YOUR STANDING STILL
and we've slept where before we wouldn't stand, and we cant hide out hands because we've all smeared guilt across our faces, and we've lost beauty and died a little in all those places
your're all smoke and mirrors and i've caught to you and found you choking on chances of days dead and gone. old man your guns are rusted you've forgotten how to fight lay down. i'll tear the ghost from you
its supposed to be a f***ing catharsis a release from the daily grind
[Originally by Black Flag] Gimme gimme gimme I need some more Gimme gimme gimme Don't ask what for Sitting here like a loaded gun Waiting to go off I've got nothing to do But shoot my mouth off Gimme gimme gimme Give me some more Gimme gimme gimme Don't ask what for I gotta go out Get something for my head If I keep on doing this I'm gonna end up dead Gimme gimme gimme, Give me some more Gimme...
oh mother, where'd you learn to get f***ed like that? little brother's eyes should be wide but his head's been filled with shit the sins of our fathers were stripped from them and born to you and yours we're all getting f***ed now
and we stood where faith failed and we watched angels fall chest deep in shit. our halos were busted from way before. we drank deep without warn. we were gutted and split to the floor. i can feel the room lean beneath my feet and i want to sleep so i'll blame it on hollow point and whiskey
if the rooms spinning your with me. and we'll be throwing bottles at ghosts best left buried and behind. the dust song screams it wont be long. and if this tears through you we'll beg to be blinded, burn what we know to stumble drunk through our days, the dusty song screams it wont be long
f***er break down i beg you. look backwards all i ever wanted was to hear quot;son sorry i was gone it's been so long.quot; what you build. what you've built. means nothing weighted against what you've left behind. you let twenty years slide and in my heart i'd always hoped you'd try
i stood on your steps. and watched the blue. filter through your blinds. and i traced lines backwards. begging to before bottles spun us to bed. and bitter kisses beat us to sleep. and you can be sure. i'll be leaving. half as fast as i came
tried to fall away but gravity wouldn't agree with black eyes look behind with forked tongues and lie stained lips we weigh what we have against what we can hold with forked toungues and lie stained lips we sing DEMONS DANCE WHEN REASON SLEEPS and we've yet to wake. its the skin we hide behind
i felt like a man a cloth till you cut me to ribbons and tied of piece of me around your ring finger now does it remind you of what you've gained, or what you've lost?
dwarfed by chrome, steel, and iron skies hide me in the hills with sniper's eyes let it burn, let us build again who needs radar? we use scent let fall the alters on the pigs as they pray let us lash out the tongues that have taught us shame let us bind the hands that would have us tamed reclaim, reclaim who needs radar? we use scent
white knuckled reeling. we try to slip past feeling. something's wrong. we haven't heard a word we've said. and if we did. it's lost to us now. we pass blame like time. eyes shut and hands to side. and we wreck us all
[Originally by Black Flag] This f***ing city is run by pigs. They take the rights away from all the kids. Understand we're fighting a war we can't win. They hate us, we hate them. We can't win, no way. Walking down the street. I flip them off. They hit me across the head with a billy club. Understand we're fighting a war we can't win. They hate us, we hate them. We can't win, no way. Nothing i...
when i looked around. i did not see your face in town. and well i know by now. you didn't want me anyhow. well i know by now. you're so cold. these things i cannot change. you're so bold
looking for doorways. and finding halls. windows and walls. and outside the sun. never stops shining. leaves never fall. these hands never failed you. can't see to far. can't see too well. it's all the ending. and you're in hell. who and where to. pain by the pound. i want to help you. but i don't know how
friend swallow hard and breath deep blur the lines where rhythm dies. you can tell the lies that we've swallowed by the time it took to choke them down. the wrists have been slit and stiched and our conscience have been left hallowed. we've been brought up to be brought down and im not buying it. BLUR THE LINES WHERE RHYTHM DIES
I stared you down so hard I burnt your shadow to the wall and through the haze you served a slow pull from grace at a drunken pace I've nothing to sell you, nothing to trade what would you have me give? what would you let me take? let fall past your lips a siren's kiss to temper the crash of dawn sister sing along quot;twilight be sweetquot; come tomorrow of this place we cannot speak and come...
and this city rusted worn. has pulled us way. past torn and fast enough. we'll never get away. and i won't see you. f*** this fight away. and if you don't break this day. then i'll die or die trying. to steal us away. because to say we beat this is everything
its come to this and i cant come up to you flip the tables and through the windows let the bottles break and the the blood hit the lawn, because im not able to walk the line between your wherever and your f***ing whens I CAN SMELL THE SIN ON YOU I'll spill guts to gnaw and slide so sister sleep tight and since you dont need me you can say i was never here.
and i begged the summer that stole spring to stay. and this is struggling to find the faith i lost when you fell away. and it's remembering you silver and golden that scares me. because when the memories fade it makes you feel like you don't own a thing. and he said boy be good. and i'm trying
cornered, drawn and quartered you've forever bound this beast to you and when we sleep, it sharpens its teeth it licks its jowls and, threatens to gnaw free oh my angel, are you scared, are you scorned? has your faith been shaken too deeply to ignore? there is one step stolen for every taken forward there's two prides and three lives breaking if you're keeping score oh my angel, are you sick o...
i thought this walk might sober me. but i only got lost in dreaming. i held hope high. down to copper and stars. it only stirs thoughts of days. i'm sure i'll never see. so sing to me. to pull through. that we'll build to push on. sing you won't leave. until you feel summer on my face. sing, i'll sway
i strapped my memories to my back i'm leaving. i'm already gone. and i was on a train somewhere wishing sweet stings to you. to make you never forget the poetry in wanting. i want those days to hold you
wake. dark smiles this wishing glass. i will not stay. bathed in loss and shadowed heart. which road. which one is the way home. this is it. i will not wait. i am through with rings. this comic love. i will find my way. find this wretched heart
and these walls, they whisper and these walls, they taunt and they mock and these walls, they whisper and these walls, they taunt and they mock and they say quot;old man, pack it in, you can't stay here, but you can never go home again if not to burn a bridge, if not to bury a friendquot; I won't relent with blood on my teeth and blood on my hands It's my piece mother f***er, and I'm digging i...
and i swear i tried to find the light in this i held my breath for as long as i could hold on. you've known i'm not much for complaining. but there's not much left of me this winter got the best of me. december killed the best of me. and i'm sure it's been catching and gaining but how could you see. and even if you spun cartwheels with sparklers in your hands it wouldn't be enough for me. dece...
winter's breaking and this should be better and i left letters by your bed knowing that you wouldn't write back
burn the billboards, they've broke our embrace and gouged our eyes dead are the days of misspent wishes and spoonfed lies brother don't slip, and sister don't forget our truths have been raped and blackened at the ends we'll wash in blood, and bathe in vice we ride to fight
my mother bleeds history, my brothers bleed history they say the eyes, they say it all there's ghosts in here and oh, they will beat you and oh, they'll teach you they'll teach you if you let them
[Originally by Black Flag] I was so wasted I was a hippie I was a burnout I was a dropout I was out of my head I was a surfer I had a skateboard I was so heavy man, I lived on the strand I was so wasted I was so f***ed up I was so messed up I was so screwed up I was out of my head I was so jacked up I was so drunk up I was so knocked out, I was out of my head I was so wasted I was wasted.
if i make it home with what i have left i'll never ever leave again. and i don't know if it was the weight of your words or the way you said my name. say my name. that sent me packing. i stagger away. if i never see your face again it won't kill me half as much as it will keep me alive. keep me alive. two hundred fifty miles and i still can't shake the thought of your place. the thought of you...


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