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1. This day is telling me something that I can't understand These lips are saying something but no one comes to help This mind is full of dreams, and full of unsaid words A broken heart, a broken world, one day this will hurt So I want you to Chorus: Leave me, leave me I said if you don't wanna be with me But you need me every night and you will come back to me You think of me when the phone r...
Hot Snow Storm - Pack Your Stuff A corner filled with darkness, bloody moon Passing by the window, blurry shapes A damp place, cold blankets, dust on the shelves Reminds me of the day, day of doom. Chorus: Pack your stuff and disappear, go have yourself a nice life honey But you'll always have that spot in your life, I'll have the glory I didn't know what to do or what to say You were laying n...


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