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Till The Coast Is Clear - hal ketchum

Last drag on a Lucky
One more swallow in the glass
Spend my time like dirty money
Each hour longer than the last
It's easy to remember
All the times she met me here
In the safety of these shadows
Waiting till the coast is clear
Bob Wills on the jukebox
No one in here knows my name
It's just a wide spot on the highway
Where everybody looks the same
Pull the change out of my pocket
Waitress brings another beer
Outside a welcome sign keeps flashing
I'm waiting till the coast is clear
Left my suitcase at the station
Hitched a ride on in to town
You know there'd be a mess of trouble
If they knew I was around
I'll be living these memories
If I live a hundred years
I'm not running, I'm not hiding
I'm waiting till the coast is clear, oh
Yeah, when the coast is clear she'll call my name
Like a whisper in my ear
In my mind I know that nothing's changed
I'm waiting till the coast is clear
Yeah, in my mind I know nothing's changed
I'm waiting till the coast is clear

hal ketchum