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Want it from me Unreleased - danity kane

Baby can we take it farther?
Oo, can we take it farther?
'Cause you got my body willin'.
And the more I want, I can't deny it.
Baby can we take it farther?
Oo, can we take it farther?
I've been waitin' for you to show me,
show me that you want it from me.
Verse 1:
Oo, I...
touching your body's got me feelin'
sooo high.
Baby, you got me hypnotized.
And you know I like it
No one else can love me better.
You give me everything I need, baby.
When we touch,
I can feel the rush.
And it takes me on a journey;
satisfies my yearning.
Something that I can't replace.
In your eyes,
I can read your mind.
More than just infatuation,
this is something real.
And I want to take it...
Verse 2:
Oo, I...
I'm starting to get into you.
It's 'bout time.
Feelin's so strong I can't deny.
Can't believe you kept me waitin'.
Wantin' me anticipatin' this love.
You give me... everything I need, yeah.
Tell me it's what you like and I'll...
I'll make sure that you're satisfied.
I'll make sure that you're feelin' right.
It's you and I. It's on tonight.
Don't let no words get in the way.
Don't waste no time.
X's 2

danity kane