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Runaway - saira b

The way your making me feel
This just can?t be for realyeah,real,yeah
My mind is sickened and ill,
Atleast I?m standing here stillyeah,I?m here,yeah
I just want you to see,what I?ve been going through,
Open your eyes and breathe,
what you been going through?
Don?t tempt me with you, I?ll run away with you.
And when the darkness has fallenover you and I
You may not see it comingover you and I
Bleeding the skies, they are fallingover you and I
Can you feel my heartbeat?For you,for you.
Is there anything that, that I can do?
This is everlasting, my mind, is on you.
So your lost forever.Its done, and I?m through.
I just want you to see, what I?ve been going through
Open your eyes and breathe.
What you been going through?
Don?t tempt me with you, I?ll runaway with you.

saira b