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So What - danity kane

So what you think you got a hold on me,
You think you got my heart on lock and key,
But I,
Changed the locks told'ja,
Kicked rocks,
And now I don't know if I'm empty,
I will and then i work so hard,
The first week had me torn apart,
And now I'm,
Over it,
Just a bit stuck with me,
Plus you get with,
Hook x2
You had me twisted up so gone,
You had me up until the morning,
Wondering where this all went wrong,
I'm still caught up I'll admit,
I'll admit that I'm still not over you but so what,
And the way I'm carrying on and on ain't cool but so what,
I guess I let you play me for a fool but so whatso what,
So when you hear I'm with somebody new so whatso what,
So what you think you playing on me you...,
You think that I'm gonna play the fool,
I been,
Hurt a lot,
But my,
Heart won't stop,
Feeling what I feel for you,
On my heart you really left a scar,
This time you took it way to far,
I'm finally,
Over it,
And I,
Can't give in,
Through with this you ain't worth it,
Hook x2
Chorus x2
You think I'ma stay here stay here,
And wait for you to change you to change,
Had me crying at night crying,
Driving me insane,
I just want to be free from all the pain you caused me,
You broke my heart and now its so what,
Chorus x2

danity kane